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kene tagged lagi :) yuhuu ;p

ok..now nk jwb question cik nad kite :) let's start ;p

1. Who is your bestfriend ?
aini,farha,fatin,nani,natra :)
2. List people that important in your life.
family ,friends :)
3. Do you have Boyfriend? Who?
yes..Muhd Fazreen Shah Bin Azmi :)
4. What is your favourite blogger?
anysmayonis ..slalu bkk blog dia :) blog dia simple but nice..suke tgkk :)
5. What is your blog theme?
x tahu lahh :) 
6. How you show your love to your boyfriend?
secrett ;p
7. Domo or Elmo or Angry Bird?
ofcourse lah domo :)
8. Update Blog for what?
hilangken boringgg :)
9. Do you have own lappy?
no :)
10. What do you do when you bored gila?
nyanyi . haha :)
11. What do you think about your blog? 
dunoe lahh :)